Growth Catalyst

A Catalyst for Accelerating Growth & Quality

The Cressey & Company team knows that most young, successful businesses reach an inflection point in their growth.  Raising additional capital for new projects, team expansion, acquisitions or estate planning can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  A partner can help navigate those decisions as well as better position the business for continued growth and success.

Cressey & Company prides itself on its experience helping talented executives and thriving businesses. Rather than being an owner or investor, the Cressey & Company team focuses on being a value-added partner, empowering talented executives to increase their impact in industries and organizations.  The Firm’s unique strategy is complemented by a culture built on teamwork and innovation.  Cressey & Company believes that its focus on building leading healthcare companies in partnership with exceptional executives has already proven to be an enduring strategy.

Typical Transactions 

  •   Growth Equity
  •   Acquisition Financing
  •   Expansion Capital
  •   Partial or Full Recapitalization