ESG and D&I

Environmental, Social and Governance

Cressey & Company strives to help talented executives and strong healthcare businesses achieve outstanding growth, and we believe that avid Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management can fuel this growth, mitigate risk, and drive value creation. Therefore, we are committed to incorporating ESG diligence into the investment process, monitoring ESG performance across our partnerships, and proactively managing firm-level governance risks. In addition, we are committed to establishing ESG accountability within our team and transparency with our investors.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Cressey & Company, we believe that a diverse team and an inclusive culture are foundational to the success of our firm and our investments. Diversity in background, ethnicity, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, as well as diversity of thought, helps to foster innovative perspectives that add value to our firm and investment decisions. In support of integrating these ideals into our lived practices, the firm has committed to incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies into our internal functions and our investment processes. At Cressey, we strive to support diversity and inclusion internally and across our investments in the following ways:

  • Demonstrating organizational support for diversity and inclusion
  • Building and sustaining inclusive cultures
  • Attracting and promoting diverse talent
  • Applying diversity and inclusion to the investment strategy
  • Monitoring our diversity and inclusion efforts