Cressey & Company Announces Partnership with People, Pets and Vets

May 3, 2018

Cressey & Company Announces Partnership with People, Pets and Vets

Cressey & Company is excited to announce that it has invested and partnered in People, Pets and Vets (“PPV” or the “Company”) alongside the Founder Dr. Michael Murphy and management.

Founded in 1992, PPV is a leading operator of veterinary hospitals across three states.  The Company employs hundreds of veterinarians and support staff and provides a full range of general medical exams, surgical procedures and ancillary services.

“We are pleased to have forged an exciting new partnership with Dr. Murphy and are energized to work collaboratively to accelerate PPV’s growth,” said Merrick Axel, Partner at Cressey & Company.  “We look forward to continuing to strengthen PPV’s well establishment reputation as a high-quality veterinary services provider.”

About People, Pets and Vets

PPV is a high-quality provider of veterinary services through a network of hospitals across multiple states.  PPV’s footprint is expanding rapidly, as the Company successfully partners with new veterinarians to build leading veterinary hospitals. For more information, please visit

About Cressey & Company

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Cressey is a private investment firm focused on building leading healthcare provider, service, and information technology businesses. Cressey & Company and its predecessor firms have executed a strategy that invests in leading platform businesses and then accelerates growth both organically and through acquisitions for nearly 35 years. With deep expertise in the healthcare reimbursement and regulatory environments, the Cressey team has invested in almost every for-profit niche of healthcare. For more information, please visit