Cressey & Company Announces Partner Paul J. Diaz Will Assume New CEO Role

August 14, 2020

Cressey & Company Announces Partner Paul J. Diaz Will Assume New CEO Role

CHICAGO, IL and NASHVILLE, TN, Aug. 14, 2020/ — Cressey & Company LP (“Cressey” or “the Firm”), a healthcare-focused private equity investment firm, today announced that Partner Paul J. Diaz has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Myriad Genetics, Inc.

“We have enjoyed working collaboratively with Paul as a Partner at the Firm, and are excited about this next chapter of his career.  Paul is an accomplished and respected CEO, and we are delighted to see Paul return to that role.   We wish Paul success and look forward to a sustained relationship with him in the coming years,” said Cressey Partner, Bryan Cressey.

Mr. Diaz has been an active Partner at the Firm for four years, and has been a valuable member of Cressey’s investment team.  With today’s announcement, Mr. Diaz will no longer be an active Cressey Partner, but will maintain a more limited ongoing role with the Firm as a Partner Emeritus.   Mr. Diaz will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors on select Cressey portfolio companies as well as become a member of the Firm’s Distinguished Executive Council.

“The Cressey team has been a pleasure to partner with over the past four years.  Their commitment to investing in high quality healthcare businesses that demonstrably improve the United States healthcare system is unparalleled,” said Mr. Diaz.  “I am excited to maintain a strong relationship with the Firm well into the future.”

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