Our “Target, Partner and Build” strategy has successfully partnered capital and support with exceptional executives in high-potential industries.

Over the years, the Cressey & Company team has further refined this strategy by adding proprietary screening and analytical tools to its investment process as well as expanding its available resources to assist partner management teams in executing their growth strategies.

Now referred to as “Target, Partner and Build”, the Cressey & Company strategy has proven to be particularly powerful in the healthcare industry.  This sector has historically strong secular growth, complex non-market forces and significant fragmentation.  The Cressey & Company strategy applies special insights and experience to seek extraordinary results.  Our investment professionals understand that in order to be leaders in healthcare private equity we must also become experts in our management partners’ industries.

The following summarize the key elements of Cressey & Company’s “Target, Partner and Build” Strategy:


(1) Target

Our team focuses on relatively few attractive healthcare segments at a time; the team identifies high potential segments and develops strong, proprietary views of long-term fundamentals, opportunities and risk factors.


(2) Partner

We partner with strong, well-positioned businesses as platforms for strategies that both accelerate growth and enhance clinical quality and outcomes.  Platform businesses are leaders in their niches with an enduring commitment to building leading healthcare businesses.


(3) Build

We work closely with partner management teams to accelerate growth through sales and marketing enhancements, accretive growth projects and add-on acquisitions.  We develop innovative frameworks to assess and improve quality, outcomes and compliance.